3 Uncommon Methods to Search Your Dream Job — Aamir Qutub

Are you looking for a job that will give you a sense of contentment, as well as a pay cheque? You might get lucky and find your dream job through your current network or a job board by experimenting these job search methods.

However, you might have to put more thought into your search when you raise your expectations higher. A recent Gallup poll found that only about 13% of full-time employees consider their jobs meaningful. With that in mind, it’s worth considering what tradeoffs you’re willing to make.

You might decide to make your family and leisure activities your main priorities or you might still want to pour your passions into your career. Experimenting with these unconventional job search methods can help you discover your dream job or expand your options.

  • The Volunteer Road

The Volunteer Method:

  1. Offer your services. Find an interesting charity and approach them with a proposal for how you can get involved. Focus on a specific project or ask them about their needs. You can pick a group you already support or contact a local clearinghouse.

The Encore Career Method:

  1. Accept your age. You may have more flexibility now if your mortgage is paid off and your kids are grown. While age discrimination is a serious issue, there are plenty of places where your wisdom and experience will be an asset.

Continue learning. You can further your education without going back to school full time. Read books and industry publications. Sign up for courses online.

The Wide Net Method:

  1. Help others. You can find job leads anywhere. However, you want to be sensitive to others when you’re in a nonbusiness setting. If you focus on being of service, you’re less likely to seem too pushy.

You’ll probably spend about one-third of your life at work. Being innovative about your career path will help you to make those hours more rewarding. In addition to using job boards and recruiters, try less conventional search methods that may uncover rewarding opportunities.

Originally published at https://aamirqutub.com on July 29, 2020.



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